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Infant Adoption Guide Podcast

Jan 7, 2023

Terri Marcroft is a mom through adoption, founder of, and now adds the title of author as she recently released her book, Pro-Choice Pro-Adoption : It's Time for a Loving, Positive Response to Unplanned Pregnancy. We chat with Terri about the book along with stories and suprising statistics she share...

Dec 1, 2022

My wife Tisha and I talk about what we've learned about open adoption now that we've adopted 3 times. Here are the highlights of what we chat about on the show:

  • We define open adoption at a very basic level
  • We talk about how we first reacted to the concept of open adoption
  • We share how we got comfortable with the idea...

Aug 1, 2022

As an author and mom through adoption, Brittany shares her family's story of transracial adoption and offers her experience as a guide for others following the same path. Brittany recognizes that we live in divided times and there are extra challenges whenever race is part of the conversation. But with wise insight and...

Jun 24, 2022

Adoptions scams occur when a person with no intention of placing her child for adoption deceives adoptive parents into financial or emotional support. We talk about how you can protect yourself from adoption scam situations.
We'll explore the two different types of scammers you may encounter (emotional and financial),...